Teachers intimidating children

18-Jan-2018 10:01

On Thursday morning, district administrators, including Superintendent Wagner Marseille, met with union officials pushing for highly trained hallway monitors, a possible ban on mobile phones, staff training in de-escalation methods, and possibly the eventual creation of an alternative school for students causing the worst problems.

The schools chief also set several lunchtime meetings with teachers on Friday.

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as students were leaving homeroom for their first period classes.

Amber Lewis, 18, was charged with aggravated assault and other offenses.

Teachers who said they had attempted to discipline students or asked them to get to class were greeted with such remarks as “Who the [expletive] are you to tell me where the [expletive] to go?

Salvation Object Lesson: Here is a simple way to teach children about what happens when Christ saves us. Kids will discover that Jesus removes our sin and takes away our hard heart toward God.She did not make ,000 bail and was being held at the The fight took place roughly two months after the union delivered its school-climate survey to administrators.In it, nearly half of the Cheltenham High teachers, 36 of 79, said they did not feel safe walking in the corridors between classes.It can be used anytime you want to remind kids about the freedom they can only experience by knowing Jesus Christ. These notes are long, so you can actually teach this over several weeks.

Children’s Sermon About Creation (Days 1-4) – An interactive retelling of the first four days of creation. – A simple reminder for kids and adults that Jesus finished our salvation and we must trust him rather than our own efforts.The vast majority said that they had been cursed at or disrespected in the halls, and that combative teens frequently burst into their classrooms while they are trying to teach.