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When Schwinn decided to find a new source and in 1987 signed a contract with the China Bicycle Company to produce bikes in Shenzhen, Giant, under new president Bill Austin (formerly vice-president marketing at Schwinn), established its own brand of bicycles to compete in the rapidly expanding 0-and-above price range.

In 1984, Giant also set up a joint venture, "Giant Europe," with Andries Gaastra of Dutch bicycle manufacturer Koga-Miyata.

In 2006, Giant added a higher-grade carbon fibre frame marketed as the TCR Advanced frame, which was characterised by an integrated seatpost (ISP).

These frames were most notably raced at the Tour de France by T-Mobile's professional team.

to be inherently stiffer than a more conventional frame design, and because less material is used, the Compact Road design is also said to be lighter.

With more responsive cornering and improved acceleration, as well as improved aerodynamics, the Giant design became largely imitated.

WCC sought and received permission from Kawamura to use the same mark within the Nishiki logo and in their company marketing. As of 2013, Nishiki Europe markets bicycle models in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

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Cohen placed his initial order for 570 bikes with Kawamura, selling them under the American Eagle brand.

Another Mike Burrows innovation that was featured on the original TCR (Total Compact Road) bikes included a height-adjustable stem, later removed from road racing bicycles due to flex under heavy loads.