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07-Aug-2017 09:01

Consumer advocate Clark Howard says the safest way to protect yourself is to freeze your credit, which will shut down a criminal trying to steal your identity.

In light of the Equifax news, I’m going to address the pros and cons of debit vs.

In the case of credit card fraud, you typically won’t be liable for more than the first of fraudulent charges, and most credit card companies waive this amount.

In the case of debit card fraud, you can be out as much as 0.

When you buy something on a credit card, you are spending someone else’s money that you have agreed to pay back.

If you pay your credit card bill in full each month, you will typically pay no interest.

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There are many good articles about protecting yourself in light of the Equifax data breach.

The breach, first reported by It News, was discovered by a Polish security researcher who searched for data that should have been protected online.

Close to 25,000 credit card transactions of staff at insurer AMP were disclosed by the contractor, which has not yet been named.

With a credit card, you don’t pay this money while a dispute is being investigated and aren’t immediately out the money.

Further, you have more leverage than with a debit card.

However, I’ve found the extra interest is much less than credit card rewards such as 2 percent cash back. Discipline: Advantage debit cards Even if you pay your credit card off monthly, using a debit card may help you spend less.

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