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06-Dec-2017 19:33

Sadly the former friends split up after Altien rented Q one of her rental properties and he fell behind on rent and damaged her property.

She ended up suing him and apparently won but has yet to be paid.

“I have nothing else to do, aside from babysitting the family dog.

But, occasionally, a client requires my services through the weekend for meetings with employees.

In case you don’t click the link, and you should, she lost against each of us because, first amendment.

At that time Atlien was mentoring Funky Dineva and helping him get a blog going to pay his rent.

At my suggestion, my wife then had dated six guys, all but one for short terms.

His obvious interest in her body had an effect on her.

I was sent a link to Straight From The A today regarding the current situation between Nene Leakes and Kim Biermann.