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The presence of flora such as water reeds, rushes and tamarisk shows that the site was close to a very humid environment.

It is an example of one of the oldest sites of agriculture with domesticated emmer wheat dated by Willem van Zeist and his assistant Johanna Bakker-Heeres to 8800 BC.In addition, cattle often show diseases resulting from their use for labour.The image that results from the study of the archaeozoological evidence is a village of farmers and herders in full possession of food production techniques.Tell Aswad has been cited as being of importance for the evolution of organised cities due to the appearance of building materials, organized plans and collective work.

It has provided insight into the "explosion of knowledge" in the northern Levant during the PPNB Neolithic stage following dam construction.

Other finds included grinding equipment, stone and mud containers, and ornaments made of various materials. Basketry and weaving were commonplace with the imprint of embroidered fabric recorded on a fragment of plaster.

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